That’s ok, risd illustration Facebook page… Just don’t list my honorable mention in the 3x3 student competition alongside the others. That’s fine, I didn’t wanna be listed anyway. *sniff*

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I’m just writing to inform you all of a recent development… I have a website now! It’s mostly for professional purposes, and my work will still all be posted here, along with sketches, WIPS, and a lot of stuff I wont be putting on my website, so keep checking in on this blog. However, if you’d like to give it a look and shoot me a little feedback, that would be awesome! I’ll be buying my own domain name over the next couple days so the URL is subject to change.

My New Website!

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robbiesantosthings asked: Omg who are you, I'm so glad I just searched artists on tumblr, you're officially my new favorite

New favorite? Wow! That’s so sweet of you to say! :0 I’m flattered!

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Cold Toes